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Design and Engineering are two disciplines that work well together. While much of design is recognized by aesthetics, it’s known through utility. Engineering, on the other hand, is driven by purpose and efficiency.

The goal is an elegant marriage of the two, and what we aim for with our work.

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Brooklyn Derby

Brooklyn Derby Responsive Design

DishWorld, Dish Networks

DishWorld Responsive Design

Clients & Friends

We’ve been called in to help with all kinds of projects: collaborating on enterprise innovation, prototyping, teaching methodologies, and more.

It’s been a great experience working together with companies like American Express, Dish Networks, Google, ditech, General Motors Financial (now Ally), WORKSHOP, Hyperakt, Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, and The Arm Letterpress.

to collaborate, and let us learn more about what you’ve been working on.

  • DishWorld
  • American Express
  • The Arm Letterpress
  • Blockbuster On Demand


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A small studio. A new start. A happy human. Building mightily, thinking anthropologically, creating intently.

Gods & Monsters was started by Jonny Gotham to be both a consultancy and workshop, building things well for ourselves and our clients.

Conversations, conversations, conversations…

Yes, we handle design and development for products, but the bigger job is really helping clients work through those executions. After working for years with small shops, start-ups, and large corporations, it became clear that the specialty for us isn’t really the end product, but the working relationship we have with our clients that makes everything possible.

Working with us and focusing on the relevant communication is really it. It’s in understanding how you work versus how you want to work. What you envision versus what’s possible, why, and why it’s better. It’s taking a project and knowing life has compromises, but being confident you made the right ones for you.

Sometimes you just need a little help to get things going. We want to help, simple as that.

We’re currently taking on new clients! So if you have a project you’re trying to start or get out to launch, send us an email via